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Online marketplace for skills development training and placement of the skilled candidates

Large network of training partners and skill domain experts that train candidates

Large network of employers and placement partners aiming to attract, engage and evaluate the best talent for their open positions

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About us

• YaShikha.com is India’s first online marketplace for Skills Development Training, Placement and Career Enhancement of the candidates.

• We provide certified training for candidates aiming to learn a domain skill along with bundled soft skill training to make them job ready from day one.

• We work with training partners and skill domain experts to train our candidates for domain and soft skill training through our next generation learning management system.

• We provide solutions for employers and placement partners aiming to attract, engage and evaluate the best talent for their open positions.

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Latest Courses

  • Learning basic Language
    In this is course we are include all the basic language that are in our stuff.we provide basic learning of language.
  • Basic Learning of java and android1
    in that we teach basic funnationlity of java and android.
  • Farming Business Development

    “The expertise and resources presented and available in the course are awesome and arm me with the information needed to make better decisions” — Online course Student

    • Interactive 5-7-week courses connect you to the information and people you need to start a successful farm business or diversify your farm
    • Led by experienced educators and farmers
    • Take a single course or start at the beginning and work your way through the courses in order
    • While most courses can be taken by people anywhere in the world, check the course description to confirm whether your course is targeted to those farming (or planning to farm) in the Northeastern US

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